Shri B.L. Chawla (Father Of Kalpana Chawla)
I am glad that BGC has been conducting "Kalpana Chawla Memorial Awards" successfully for last four years. I am quoting here a few lines about Kalpana, which will inspire & awaken the thoughts of young minds who are trying to emulate the good works done by virtuous personalities.

I feel the following quote by my daughter Kalpana summarises the essence of her being. "Material interests are not the only guiding light. It is something you'd enjoy doing in the long run. Take the time to figure out how to get there. The quickest way may not necessarily be the best. The Journey matters as much as the goal. Listen to the sounds of Nature. Wishing you the best on your trek towards your dreams. Take good care of our fragile planet."

She not only said this but lived it in every moment of her life. Content with her simple needs, she encouraged family and relatives to donate time and money to credible organizations (e.g. WPSI) who are committed to protection of Nature and wild life. And she cared for our 'Fragile planet'.


Mr.Rajeev Biyani (Chairman, Biyani Group of Colleges)
Kalpana Chawla epitomizes strength, struggle, dedication, hard work and success. It is indeed our pleasure to honour the spirit of Kalpana and to motivate girl students to soar high with their aspirations in their lives. I congratulate the winners of these awards and hope that they too will bring laurels to the nation and the world in the future. May you set lofty goals and achieve them by your perseverance and positive attitude.

People with positive attitude not only excel themselves but can motivate others also for better performance. Always remember, success and results in all endeavours cannot be predicted. We can only make efforts. Often we do commit mistakes and not succeed in the first attempt. We should not get angry or frustrated. But improve upon and make another effort. It is this attitude only which can ultimately bring success.


Dr. Sanjay Biyani (Acadmic Director, Biyani Group of Colleges)
Kalpana Chawla has been our role model since the beginning of our journey towards empowering women through technical education. These awards has been instrumental in motivating girls students for acheiving great heights in their lives. Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award lightens the spirit of struggle and success among the award recipients. Girls get overwhelmed reciving the award and blessings from the father of this great women. It is like exploring their hidden desires and discoviring themselves and promising the world to achieve great heights. I feel honoured to be associated with this noble cause of promoting the hidden potentials of girls students and building confidence in them.


Ms. Anu Chaudhary (Coordinator, Kalpana Chawla Awards)
when people were busy contemplating how women could be empowered, a simple next door girl from Karnal was totally lost in her imagination; she dreamt to touch the stars and walk over the moon. She achieved her dream and won the race of the life and became the real champion. She faced the challenges that life had thrown to her, she proved her mettle as a space woman. The world bent before her to honour the brave woman in her. I also salute her.

Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award holds a special place in my heart for two reasons; firstly that it is associated with the mission of Biyani Girls College which is to make women strong and significant in the society and secondly, it gave me an opportunity to know the great personality of Kalpana so closely. I also take the privilege here of thanking Shri. B.L Chawla for helping me with the incidents related to Kalpana's life. I sincerely hope that the Success Story of Kalpana Chawla will inspire the youth of today to be Kalpana of tomorrow.